Regionality out of conviction.
Excellent relationship with farmers.

Love for nature.

Full-service provider for poultry

Süddeutsche Truthahn AG

Naturalness and freshness

Are the trademark of Hubers Landhendl. The Austrian-Bavarian poultry business sources its poultry directly from family farming businesses. Very good cooperation is guarantees high-quality Hubers Landhendl poultry. Rearing and feeding is coordinated and monitored with farmers, feeding experts and vets.

Full-service provider for poultry

Since taking over Süddeutsche Truthahn AG, Hubers Landhendl has become a full-service provider in the poultry sector and can provide the entire range from a single source.

Since the establishment and construction of a domestic chick hatchery, the entire production chain from egg via chick right up to slaughter and distribution is now in the hands of Hubers Landhendl.

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Hubers Landhendl

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