Hubers Landhendl - member of Bell Food Group

About Us

Since the company was founded, the path to quality has been consistently pursued. Hubers Landhendl is increasingly relying on higher quality, strictly controlled poultry. The requirements of the European husbandry guidelines and food labels have been accepted as a challenge and the goal is to further develop the already high quality standards.

Despite its evolved structure, Hubers Landhendl has remained a down-to-earth business with strong roots in the region. Managing Director Dr. Hannes Huber and his sister, Mag. Sylvia Huber-Werth, are clearly and consciously committed to the region, the residents and the agricultural businesses around Pfaffstätt and southern Bavaria. As a leading regional company, we take responsibility for jobs very seriously, as well as the further development of the entire region.

Hubers Landhendl