Open-space winter garden turkey

The open space program for Huber’s winter garden turkeys complies with husbandry system 3 (outdoor climate) of the German animal welfare standards.

In their specially built winter garden, the winter garden turkeys enjoy more fresh air and sunlight than turkeys kept in a conventional manner. With this animal welfare programme for turkeys specially developed by Hubers Landhendl, the company is setting a clear example for greater animal welfare and is based on the strict Swiss animal husbandry guidelines.

Hubers Landhendl

Plenty of good reasons for a winter garden turkey

Cover density: 30% more space for turkey cocks: 41 kg/m2 and turkey hens 37 kg/m2
Stable landscape with attached winter garden area or outdoor climate area
Organic movable material
Feed without genetic engineering

Annual independent on-site inspections and an additional unannounced stable inspection

Participation in animal health monitoring